Southbelt Church of Christ

(Church of Christ church in Pasadena, TX)

4038 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas

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Location of Worship

4038 Burke Rd Pasadena Texas 77504 Jump to map

Service Times


Sundays: 10 a.m.

Contact Info

Call Pastor: 281-487-5852 Call Office: Send Fax: Visit Website

(last updated on the 2nd of January, 2024)

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About Southbelt Church of Christ

  • Southbelt is a community united by a shared commitment to Christ and a deep understanding of the Scriptures. Here are a few beliefs central to our faith and life together.

    Christ-Centeredness: Our primary focus at Southbelt Church of Christ is Jesus Christ. We believe in Him as both Divine and human, our Savior. Jesus is our ultimate example of love, grace, and compassion. We seek to emulate His teachings through worship, prayer, and service and live out His love in our daily lives.

    The Bible: The Bible is a unique and remarkable book. We believe the Scriptures were inspired by God, divinely guided by the Holy Spirit, and written through human authors. This understanding deepens our appreciation for the Word of God, acknowledging its divine authority while appreciating the cultural context and historical background in which it was written. The Bible is central to our faith, providing us with divine guidance and wisdom. Through regular study and meditation on the Scriptures, we gain insight into God's plan for our lives and how to align our actions with His will.

    Salvation: We believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Accepting His grace and sacrifice, we find forgiveness of sins and a renewed relationship with God. Baptism by immersion is essential in this process, symbolizing our spiritual rebirth and commitment to follow Christ.

    Unity and Love: Southbelt fosters a spirit of unity and love among its members. We celebrate the diversity within our congregation, understanding that we are all one in Christ. This spirit of unity strengthens our relationships, enhances our worship experience, and allows us to support one another in times of joy and hardship.

    Outreach and Service: Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and this principle forms the basis of our community outreach and service initiatives. We actively seek opportunities to serve others, whether through charitable endeavors, support for missions, or engaging in acts of kindness reflecting Christ's heart.

    Discipleship and Spiritual Growth: At Southbelt, we value lifelong discipleship and spiritual growth. We encourage our members to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, Bible study, and active involvement in the church. This commitment to growth empowers us to face life's challenges with strength and faith.

    Family and Relationships: We cherish the sanctity of family and the importance of strong, healthy relationships. Southbelt provides a supportive environment where families can grow together in faith, love, and understanding.

    Grace and Forgiveness: Understanding the boundless grace and forgiveness offered by Jesus, we strive to extend the same to one another and those in our community. Through forgiveness and reconciliation, we build bridges and foster a harmonious environment, reflecting the heart of our Savior.

    Our Hope: The hope we hold dear in the Southbelt Church of Christ is centered around the eagerly anticipated return of Jesus Christ and the restoration of all things in His eternal kingdom. With unwavering faith, we believe that Christ will come again to establish a new heaven and earth where righteousness and peace will reign. This hope fills our hearts with joy and assurance, knowing that every tear will be wiped away one day and pain and suffering will cease.

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