House of God No. 1 Holiness Church

White Oak Community, Cades, South Carolina

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White Oak Community Cades South Carolina 29518 Jump to map

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About House of God No. 1 Holiness Church

  • At House of God No. 1 Holiness Church, Cades in South Carolina, we believe in The Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit. Three in one. That is, God the Father: Eternal. Creator. Loving. Life wouldn't exist without Him. Jesus: The only Son of God. He died on the cross for our sins. He rose from the dead. We can have eternal life through Him. And The Holy Spirit: God is active in the world through His spirit. God gives His spirit to live inside of those who follow Jesus. We live in a universe that's been created and designed by God. God allows evil to exist because He allows free will to exist. Everyone has been separated from God because of sin. We all need to be saved. God offers salvation through Jesus. Anyone who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior can receive salvation. We take the Lord 's Supper every week. This is a time we come together to remember Jesus and what He has done for us. Be ready, friends. Jesus will return and we won't know when. Heaven and Hell are real. Anyone who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior can have eternal life in Heaven. Everyone else will be eternally separated from God in Hell.

    We believe that we don't have all the answers and that disagreement and discussion are healthy. We believe that the faith community is great not because it's like-minded on every issue but because it is rooted in faith in Jesus, who is a lot more interesting than religion has made Him seem.

    About God The Father: God is great: He is all powerful, all knowing, ever present, unchanging, completely worthy of our trust, and above all, Holy. It is in Him that we live, move and exist. God is good. He is our Father. He is loving, compassionate, and faithful to His people and His promises.

    About Generosity: Give it away - You can give without living, but you can't love without giving. 'The son of God... loved me and gave himself for me.' - Galatians 2:20

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