Calvary Bible Church

3865 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio

Non-Denominational / Independent churches in Columbus, Ohio

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Location of Worship

3865 North High Street Columbus Ohio 43214 Jump to map

Service Times


Family Bible Class 9:30am
Morning Worship 10:45am
Evening Worship 5:30pm


Prayer Service 7:00 pm

Contact Info

Call Pastor: (614) 262 2006 Call Office: (614) 262-2006 Send Fax: (614) 262-0068 Email Pastor Eric Sipe Send Email Visit Website

About Calvary Bible Church

  • Calvary Bible Church IS WELL...A CHURCH!!

    Yes, that’s right, a church! We make no bones about it. We seek to be a place where people set their sights on something far greater than themselves.

    What is a church anyway? A church is a group of people, not a building. It is a group of people who gather themselves together for the sole purpose of bringing honor and worship to the One True God Who in Himself deserves our deepest, most heart-felt love, reverence, and adoration. Life really isn’t all about us in any way. It is about a loving Creator God Who by His grace has given us life so that we may love and enjoy Him forever. This great God is worth giving all of our worship to, for in Him alone is the source of great news. This great news is why we are a church—it is why we come together!

    What is that good news that comes from God Himself?

    The Bible calls it the gospel! The gospel is good news because it tells us that God has done what is necessary to bring us into a relationship with Him. Whereas other religions and philosophies provide lists of rules and good deeds to perform, God provides Jesus, Who lived a life of perfect obedience for us, and then transferred the credit for His performance to our account, taking on Himself the record - and, therefore, the punishment - for all our sin and failure.

    Consequently, neither the sinfulness of the irreligious person, nor the moral achievement of the religious person, counts for anything. The only thing that counts is the righteousness of Christ on our behalf. This is the gospel—it is truly good news!

    However, the gospel is not just the way to enter God's kingdom, it is the way to address every problem. It is the way to progress in growth and holiness—to look more like Christ and less like ourselves!

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