Trinity Lutheran Classical School

221 S Center Ave, Miles City, Montana

(last updated on the 5th of May, 2021)

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Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod churches near me in Montana

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Location of Worship

221 S Center Ave Miles City Montana 59301 Jump to map

Service Times

Hours for Trinity Lutheran Classical School in Miles City, MT

Monday 8AM–4PM
Tuesday 8AM–4PM
Wednesday 8AM–4PM
Thursday 8AM–4PM
Friday 8AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Contact Info

Call Pastor: 406-234-4983 Call Office: (406) 234-4983 Send Fax: Email Rev. Howard Schreibeis Visit Website
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About Trinity Lutheran Classical School

  • An evangelical outreach program created by Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) Mission and Ministry to serve the educational needs of Miles City, MT since 1988.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Trinity Lutheran Classical School, Miles City, Montana, is to provide Christ-centered instruction through a classical curriculum that is challenging, academic, and Bible-based in a caring and nurturing environment. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


    The goals of the educational program of Trinity Lutheran Classical School are that each student:

    Daily live in the eternal hope of everlasting life with Jesus Christ
    Remain steadfast in devotion to Christ’s Word and Sacraments
    Maintain a Godly and healthy lifestyle
    Be successful in future educational opportunities
    Joyfully serve as a responsible and productive member of society

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  • Rev. Howard Schreibeis
  • 221 S Center Ave
  • Miles City
  • Montana
  • 59301
  • Phone: 406-234-4983
  • Fax:
  • Email: Email Rev. Howard Schreibeis

Other Church Leaders

Children and Youth Activities

  • The preschool curriculum also seeks to incorporate the classical approach. It understands, as well, that young children seem to learn best through play, repetition and direct encounters with their world using all five senses. In the preschool classroom you will see role-playing, block structures, opportunities for creative expression, sorting, classifying, counting, smelling, tasting and touching. This means the classroom may be a bit noisy and look somewhat chaotic at times but learning is taking place.

    Our curriculum covers the following areas:

    Spiritual growth and worship
    Language development
    Reading readiness
    Math concepts
    Science and Social Studies
    Physical education/ large muscle development
    Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    Arts, crafts and music

    Instruction is achieved through both teacher directed group activities and individual, free-choice activities. Concordia Publishing House “Voyages – Exploring God’s Word” curriculum is utilized along with various other teaching supplements.
    The Classical Curriculum
    With Christ Jesus at the center, Trinity Lutheran Classical School provides quality education in all academic subjects through a classical methodology and curriculum.

    Classical education values all branches of learning. Expectations are high and the students are challenged to think broadly, deeply and creatively. Classical education builds on a pattern of learning that is innate in every human being. The technical name for teaching according to this pattern is called the Trivium, which consists of three phases called the grammar phase, the logic or dialectic phase, and the rhetoric or expressive stage.

    Grammar - In the first stage (Preschool – 3rd Grade), when children are most curious, the classical teacher uses songs, poetry, and repetition to build the foundation with the words and facts necessary to learn about various subjects.

    Logic - In the analytical stage (4th – 6th Grade), children want more than “just the facts.” They also want to understand the reasons why subjects are formulated as they are, so the classical teacher will not only teach a subject’s information, but also the logical reasoning which undergirds that information.

    Rhetoric - The expressive stage (7th & 8th Grade) refers to the reasoned and logical articulation of ideas which are original for the student. The goal of a classical education is that children will not only know and understand their subjects well, but they will also be able to explain their knowledge, defend their understanding of that knowledge, and use their knowledge to think creatively about whatever interests them.

    The classical curriculum concentrates on the humanities, and is teacher directed and is rich in content. It is designed to provide students with the tools for learning and generate within them a love and enthusiasm for learning, as well as the self-discipline to accomplish it.

    Religion – God’s revealed Word is the heart of our curriculum. The Holy Bible is the principle textbook. The daily lessons are supplemented with the study of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism which contains a summary and correct exposition and application of those Biblical truths in a simple and learnable format. Memorization of Bible passages and truths is emphasized. In addition, the pastor of Trinity (Headmaster) or the classroom teacher will lead the students each day in a chapel service in which the students and staff are given the opportunity to worship the Triune God and grow in the knowledge and stature of Christ.

    Language Arts – Reading, literature, spelling, grammar, handwriting and composition are taught utilizing Spalding’s The Writing Road to Reading and Shurley Grammar. The objective is to help all children learn to speak precisely, spell accurately, write proficiently, and read fluently with comprehension.

    Latin – The study of Latin enables the students to gain grammatical discipline, build an understanding in language structure, and enhance their English vocabulary. Song School Latin, Prima Latina, Latina Christiana, and Latin for Children are the primary texts.

    Mathematics – Study in this discipline is conducted using Saxon Math. It is an incremental approach that provides students a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of math.

    History – Focusing on Western Civilization, history studies follow a chronological survey: Creation, Egyptian Period, Greek and Roman Period, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation and American History. Texts and other teaching materials are published by Veritas and Memoria Press.

    Geography – A thorough study of the continents and the United States prepares students for a better understanding of the world. The goal is to connect geography with history, culture and the economy of the land. Teaching resources are once again from Veritas and Memoria Press.

    Science – In the early grammar stage, the students study physical and life sciences. They are then introduced to a general systematic study which includes the scientific method, experiments, and the disciplines of biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics using texts from Elemental Science.

    Music and Art – Students are instructed using the Core Knowledge series. Drawing lessons are the foundation of the art curriculum. In music, children are given many opportunities to sing, hear, and appreciate quality music. The students study famous composers, hymns, and learn beginning notation.

    Physical Education – The focus is on health, fitness and learning to cooperate in playing games.


Community Activities

Other Information

  • Parking: You may park your vehicles on Center Avenue and Pearl Street. We also have a parking lot in the back of the church by the ally.
  • Dress Code: The official school uniform consists of Navy Blue slacks or skirts with long or short sleeved Oxford shirt in light blue with school LOGO.

    It is required to be worn every Wednesday and at all school programs and events. Other approved dress as listed below can be worn during regular school times.

    Shirts: Interlock Polo, Mesh Polo, Oxford short or long sleeved (Girls may wear feminine fit) In colors: light blue, navy, pink, or white MUST HAVE SCHOOL LOGO.

    Uniforms are not to be layered with T-shirts, etc., in unapproved colors. The school will provide one long sleeved Oxford shirt in light blue for each K - 8th grade student. Parents need to provide the teacher with their child’s shirt size on the enrollment form

    Sweaters: Drifter button front cardigan, or zip front cardigan and/or vest in Navy with LOGO.

    Pants: Plain or pleat front pants, with or without elastic, or plain front corduroy pants in Navy or Black or Tan.

    Plain or pleat front shorts, about knee length, or Capris in Navy or Black or Tan.
    No jean or cargo shorts or pants. No skin tight pants or leggings worn as pants.
    Leggings or tights or shorts are required under skirts, jumpers or dresses in solid colors: light blue, pink, or navy.
    Skirts: Pleated or A-line skirt or shorts, knee length or longer, in Navy or Black or Tan.

    Dresses: Long or short sleeved polo dresses or jumpers in navy, pink, or light blue. All with LOGO.


    Belts- braided or plain in brown or black
    Shoes- Dress shoes are preferred. Tennis shoes, Mary Janes, and Cowboy boots are permitted. All shoes are required to be in solid, dark, colors; brown, black, or navy. (The only exception would be shoes worn at recess and during P.E.)
    Ties will be provided by the School when we have dress occasions. They are kept at school.

    Land’s End school catalogs are available in the wall rack just outside the office.

    School uniform items may be purchased from any clothing store as long as colors match the required colors. If you purchase from anywhere other than Land’s End, our school logo can be added locally at Stitching 4U, 819 Main St. (234-8111).

    The school has a multitude of available free used TLCS clothing in various sizes ready to pickout. Parents of K-6 th students are welcome to look over the selection and take any items their child can use.
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  • Under 18 Congregation:
  • Other Information:

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